Educating Baptists

The Baptist Church is one of the more popular Christian sects, and it takes the education of its members seriously. Unlike other churches, they have their own educational arm that is responsible for providing classes and continuing education for those who teach their church members. Decisions on a national level are made when the convention meets every year, and delegates from each church district attend. There are many education opportunities within their religious framework, and they have extended it to the state and church level.

Few religions are as dedicated as Baptists to educating their members, and holding a national convention is one way to ensure educational equality. It also provides a standard against which educational decisions can be made on the state and local levels. For those who are seeking further education in their faith, the church offers courses and resources for members as well as those who are seeking ordination.

College has become an important educational tool, and the Baptists have chosen to run their own college. They offer Associate’s as well as Bachelor’s degrees the Arts, Bible studies, a Theology degree or certification and they also provide schooling for those who want to teach Christian education classes. They offer Christian students a place where they can study and be taught by staff committed to the same Christian religious beliefs and values they hold.

Unlike many religious institutions, they have gone through the process to become an accredited college with the American Association of Bible Colleges. Their goal is to offer advanced training for fellow Baptists, and their stated goal is to provide Christian leadership in social services, government and academic organizations as well as churches. They are educating today’s members to become the leaders of tomorrow’s society, and they provide schooling to help them spread their religious doctrine throughout society.