The Baptist Branch of Christianity

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Over the past two thousand years, Christianity has spread throughout the world. It has been a controversial religion at times, and it has spawned its own share of branches. All of these off-shoots are called Protestants, and the reason behind this is due to their protests against church policies. One of the branches that have flourished is the Baptist Church. It is widely known throughout the Southern United States, and it has sent missionaries all over the world.

The Baptist Church broke with the Roman Catholic Church over several different policies. As expected, they do not recognize the Pope in Rome as their leader. They practice a more relaxed style of worship, and this includes their choice to hold confession as a rite only between God and the person confessing. They further hold the belief that people should make their own choice to join the faith, and baptism at birth does not cover this for adults. Each adult must choose to be baptized, or saved, when they are old enough to make their own religious decisions.