Getting Married at the Church

As a Christian faith, marriage is a sacrament of the Baptist church. Weddings are performed for congregation members, and each church has a fellowship hall where the reception can be held. Baptist churches are known for their refusal to serve alcoholic beverages, and receptions held on church grounds do not include a champagne toast. Sparkling grape juice or cider is generally used in place of champagne, and congregation members caught breaking this rule are often disciplined.

Modern Baptist churches are no longer restricted to poor or rural areas, and many provide the same services to couples getting married as other churches within the faith. Today's brides have many options, and this includes hiring a wedding makeup artist to help ensure the bride and her attendants look perfect for the ceremony. Wedding parties in affluent areas often have hair stylists who will book the entire wedding party on the morning of the event, and this ensures everyone will know they look great as they walk down the aisle.

Not all wedding receptions are held on church grounds due to the alcohol restriction, and many couples prefer to have full bands and dancing at their reception. Some like traditional country music, but sophisticated couples may choose a jazz band with a wedding saxophonist to play the songs the couple loves. An experienced wedding violinist will perform old favourites and modern songs that are currently trending for younger guests.

Marriage in the Baptist faith is a celebration, and it often includes the majority of the congregation members along with family and friends. Many of the members have grown up in the church, and their families have chosen to worship together for generations. Hiring a professional wedding photographer is ideal to capture the special moments. A marriage is often a celebration of two local families being joined, and it is a symbol of the unity of those who have attended the church since birth.